In today’s society we are seeing the drug epidemic at an all time high. Not only illegal drugs but prescription drugs have infiltrated homes and schools. Destroying families from the inside out.

We’ve seen a work related injury turn into a full blown addiction to pain medication that was legally prescribed. It’s been said statistically that America is the safest nation. At the same time, America suffers from the most anxiety issues and consumes the most medication to treat that need.

In 2016, 63,632 people overdosed from drugs and prescription medications. That’s 175 people a day. According to National Institute of Mental Health, America uses nearly half of the world’s prescription drugs. 23 million Americans applied for alcohol & drug treatment and only 11% received it.

There is currently an average of 2-3 month waiting list for other rehabilitation programs. We are trying to avoid the waiting list.

The national average cost for a 30 day rehab is $20,000. To house a patient for 6 months you would need $120,000 upfront to begin treatment.


Rise Discipleship is a free 6 month program with no waiting list. We provide everything a person will need to complete his stay during the program. We help not only those who struggle with drugs and alcohol but also those who battle depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts. If someone is broken and hopeless we are here to provide hope and a place to change.

Our first graduate was enlisted in the army infantry during the war in Iraq. When he returned home he suffered from PTSD and anxiety which led to several prescriptions and eventually a drug addiction. He completed our 6 month program as a leader in the home.

Every rise student is taught character building, life skills, leadership development and work skills. We have also partnered with BCFS which provides a fatherhood class.

For intake call: (325) 232-8544

517 N Pioneer Dr. Abilene, Tx 79603. (325) 704-5380  Sunday 9:30 & 11:30